ARTICLE I. Membership

Section 1. Chapter Membership

There are no dues required to gain membership. As an undergraduate or graduate student at Virginia Tech, you will be eligible to join SHPE at VT.

Section 2. National Membership

While there are no dues required to become a member of SHPE at VT, in order to attend the SHPE National Convention, you must register and become a national member. Which requires a yearly due when a conference is to be attended.

ARTICLE II. Executive Board

Section 1. Roles

SHPE at VT has 14 active members on the executive board. All of which help plan, organize, and run chapter events. The following lists all roles associated:


Vice President of Internal Relations

Vice President of External and Company Affairs

Conference Coordinator



Outreach Chair

Public Relations


SEC Representative

Freshman Representative

Graduate Chair

Graduate Vice-Chair

Graduate Treasurer

ARTICLE III. Elections

Section 1. Application

The application process will consist of submitting a one page powerpoint slide detailing why you would make a good candidate and one new idea you plan on bringing to the e-board. In addition to the slide, all candidates will submit a short essay further describing their qualifications.

Section 2. Process

All roles except for the SEC Representative are available to run for. The day of elections, all candidates will speak for 1-2 minutes on the position they are running for. Once all candidates have gone, an online poll will open until midnight of that day for members to vote. Results are released that same night or the following morning by the current President.

Curious to know more about SHPE National? Visit their site!